Top 7 easy FOOD SWITCHES you can make every day to dramatically improve your health

Most Americans today are lacking patience and live in an “instant gratification” world, where we all want what we want and we want it now. That includes better health, more technology conveniences, more energy, and a more shapely or chiseled body. Advertising and social media make matters even worse. We see pictures, headlines, and video posts of exactly what we want, and it’s always “on sale now.”

The major problem lies in the fact that most products heavily advertised are done so by corporations that can afford the media blitz, and that means compromised products made cheap with chemicals. The result? You are what you eat, and you become a chemical-laden health wreck that looks and feels like the exact opposite of those ads you thought would “carve you” into the perfect human.

Success is all about smart choices, especially the food you consume daily. Here are some major switches you can make that will transform your health almost instantly, and put you on an ideal path – the one your favorite “YouTuber” lives and breathes. You can start with some detoxifying drinks that will cleanse your system of all those food chemicals, including genetically modified organisms and conventional pesticides. You can even grow your own food inside your home for pennies on the dollar using a tower garden, LED lighting, and organic seeds. This way you avoid all the contaminants of “conventional” food and water, including GMOs, pesticides, environmental pollutants, insects, and deadly glyphosate (carcinogenic herbicide in Roundup).

Start getting ready for your healthy spring and summer now. Watch this:

Switch now, or forever harm your health and longevity

Do not put this off. These are easy choices to make and they won’t break your wallet or purse. Even if you spend an extra $10 to $15 dollars per week to switch your daily “poisons” to healthy choices, the long-term results are well worth it, and might just save you from the preventable diseases that are quickly becoming pandemics in America, like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, strokes, and dementia.

#1. Sea salt instead of table salt

Any given day you can find articles all over the internet about the good, bad, and ugly of salt, but most of the time, the authors don’t even distinguish between processed, irradiated table salt or mineral-loaded, organic sea salt, such as Himalayan salt. You read about high blood pressure, inflammation, low sodium diets, and the beat goes on.

Well, none of that applies if you’re not consuming junk-science table salt – the kind you find on nearly every restaurant table, at all fast food joints, in microwave meals, processed chips, deli meats, hot dogs, bacon, and the list goes on forever. Switch now to organic sea salt and fortify your body every day with the minerals it wants and needs to not only survive, but to thrive.

#2. Coconut oil instead of canola oil

Did you know that even organic, expeller-pressed canola oil coagulates in your blood and causes weight gain and dementia? Who knew? Scientific researchers who care about society know, and they’ve proven it with in-depth studies. Coconut oil and turmeric are actually good for your brain, so it’s time to replace the brain killers with thought promoters. Make that switch right now.

#3. Hemp milk instead of cow’s milk

Cow’s milk in America often contains pus, pathogens, parasites, artificial hormones, and antibiotics, and can lead to bone fractures and early death, according to research. Hemp milk, on the other hand, contains calcium (more than milk and the good kind), protein and omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids, which most Americans are lacking.

#4. Organic soy products (especially fermented) instead of GMO soy

Genetically modified soy dominates more than 90 percent of all soy in America. That means the soy contains pesticide genes inside the seeds and plants. You can’t wash off GMO. Those pesticides wreak havoc in your gut, ruining immunity. Always shop for organic soy, especially fermented, which promotes good gut flora.

#5. Organic corn products instead of GMO corn

Genetically modified corn dominates more than 90 percent of all corn in America. That means the corn contains pesticide genes inside the seeds and plants. You can’t wash off GMO. Always shop for organic corn, and watch out at restaurants – check the menu or ask the waiter!

#6. Filtered water (or spring water) instead of tap water

This one is easy. Nearly all tap water contains other people’s medications, deadly sodium fluoride (that lowers IQ), artificial sweeteners, chlorine, glyphosate, aluminum, and other contaminants. Your best bet is to buy bottled spring water, or better yet, purchase the best filter on the market, a Big Berkey home water filtration system.

#7. Organic bread instead of chemical-laden conventional gluten

Nearly all bread, flour, and grains in America are doused with glyphosate herbicide that is a known carcinogen. Then the breads are loaded with dangerous chemical conditioners that make them softer and give them longer shelf life, all while shortening human life. Switch to organic bread, organic grains, and notice the difference in your bowel movements and energy levels within days.

Tune into and make those all-important SWITCHES starting today, right now

Everybody loves shopping for products that will improve their life, health, and physical appearance. Here’s your chance. Once you switch out the “usual suspects” of bad health for the promoters of longevity, you can have the confidence to exercise harder, work smarter, and think more critically about everything that matters most to you.

Tune into for more information on the best foods to keep in your refrigerator, freezer, and pantry, and especially for when SHTF, because most Americans only keep toxic foods for emergencies, not knowing the difference when it matters most.

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