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“Are you okay with being you?” Health Ranger Mike Adams has this to say to people who seem to be depriving themselves of one important form of self-love: Feeding yourself with fresh, organic, healthy food.

Adams explains the relationship between your food choices and self-love – or self-loathing – in this video by the Health Ranger himself, posted at

The adage “you are what you eat” has never been more accurate when it comes to eating foods laden with toxic chemicals like pesticides, GMOs, glyphosate, etc. If you keep eating food doused in toxic chemicals, you are most likely inviting unwanted health problems into your life such as the big “C”.

Moreover, these toxic ingredients represent ecological destruction according to Adams, and that choosing foods with these ingredients is an expression of extreme violence. “You are pushing that violence into who you become,” says Adams.

Chemical suicide

Consuming chemical-laden foods is a form of self-harm, Adams notes, as filling your body with these toxic ingredients is akin to committing a kind of “chemical suicide.”

Adams believes that the way you feed yourself is an extension of the way you see yourself: If you truly value your health, you will consume nothing but fresh, organic food. Otherwise, you’re slowly – but surely – killing yourself by eating junk food.

Learning to deal with your personal issues at a deeper level is key to living healthy, says Adams, and not just quick fixes regarding eating habits.

“Are you okay with being you?” It’s perfectly fine to make mistakes and decisions that you could have done better in retrospect, and the Health Ranger advises to dive deep into your own personal needs – whether you need a therapy session, a self-exploration journey, or even just some time alone immersed in nature. Dealing with your personal issues and learning to love yourself more will reflect in the way you treat yourself, which includes how you feed your body.

Choosing to consume only fresh, organic, pesticide-free foods is one expression of self-love. “It’s consistent with your image of yourself,” says Adams.

Your choice in food ultimately reflects your self-image, self-identity, and consciousness, he adds.

Love yourself with power foods

Show yourself some love with these health-boosting foods and nutrients.

  1. Kelp – Low iodine levels cause sluggishness, weight gain, and mood swings. Give your body its much-needed energy boost with iodine-rich kelp. Kelp is also high in calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Don’t like kelp? You can substitute it with other healthy greens like bok choy, spinach, or alfalfa sprouts. (Related: Health Ranger: Plants synthesize miraculous medicines at the molecular level.)
  2. Ginger – Ginger has a wide range of health benefits, most notably in aiding digestion and calming upset stomach. Ginger is widely recognized for its ability to reduce nausea, particularly postoperative nausea and vomiting (PONV).
  3. Mushrooms – Mushrooms have been part of different cuisines the world over. The shiitake mushroom, in particular, has been studied for its anticancer properties. Other common edible mushrooms include white buttons, portabella and cremini.
  4. Good fats – Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats are healthy fats that can reduce your risk of heart disease. You can get these good fats from oily fish like salmon and sardines, avocados, olive oil, and nuts like almonds and pecans.
  5. Beets – For your daily intake of healthy, unprocessed carbohydrates, look no further than beets. Beets also provide calcium, iron and vitamins A and C.
  6. Probiotics – These friendly bacteria help fight diseases like irritable bowel syndrome, skin infections, and certain cancers. Fermented foods like kimchi, kefir and yogurt are rich in probiotics.

Nutrition is a powerful tool in healing, but you have to consciously put in the effort of bringing that nutrition into your body and your life.

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