Health Ranger store announces huge Christmas sale with bonus gifts

(NaturalNews) The holidays are fast approaching once again, and while it certainly is a wonderful time of the year for most people, it can also get a little hectic. And expensive.

Well, this year, as a way of showing his appreciation for our loyal readers and patrons, Natural News founder/editor Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, is announcing a gigantic “9 Days of Joy” Christmas sale at the Health Ranger Store, featuring free gifts on certain purchases, free shipping in the lower 48 states (on purchases of $49 or more), and savings of as much as 50 percent off some items.

“We understand how hard this time of year can be when it comes to shopping for presents,” Adams said. “So I wanted to try to make this holiday season as easy and inexpensive as I could, with the gift of health and preparedness.”

Adams had his staff at the Health Ranger Store pick out the most sought-after and popular items to include in the 9 Days of Joy sale, and then divided them into three categories:

— Products for Him

— Products for Her

— Gifts for Everyone

In addition, Adams wants everyone to know that there are several new products set for launch, to which sale-goers will have early access. More on those in a moment.

There were be free gifts available as well, while supplies last. On purchases of $99 or more, customers will get the free shipping and a free LED lantern; for purchases of $199 or more, customers will receive the free shipping, the lantern and an unscented body care travel kit at no extra charge. Orders placed before Dec. 14 will arrive before Christmas.

In the “For Her” collection, it will be easy to give the gift of health this year with such products as the Organic Therapeutics Oil Gift Set, featuring the store’s best-selling essential oils. One of the best sellers is Lavender Essential Oil, which has a distinct floral scent marked by a sweet, herbal nuance coupled with rich, green accents that can transport you instantly to the middle of a rich lavender field. This oil is relaxing as it induces calmness, even as it refreshes the air in your home, your linens and your clothing with just a few drops.

Another in the Essential Oil collection is Tea Tree, which features a crisp aroma. This oil is a strong topical skin solution that Australian aborigines have used for centuries. Authentic and lab-verified as organic, Tea Tree oil is ideal on blemishes and skin tags, as well as irritations of the scalp. And due to its wealth of benefits, it is considered by many to be an extraordinary rejuvenation solution.

Others in the Organic Therapeutics Oil Gift Set include Peppermint, Oregano, Rosemary and Eucalyptus.

Also included in the “For Her” gift collection is the Organic Rejuvenating Bath Gift Set, which features the six essential oils plus Pink Himalayan Bath Salts with Cloth Bag.

For Him, there are Ranger Gear products designed for the avid prepper. These items have been further grouped into the “Ultimate Ranger Gear Survival Gift Set,” which includes the handy Credit Card Knife with the metal handle, the Survival Multi-Tool, Outdoor Mini Camp Stove, Paracord Bracelet and the RFID Blocking Sleeve, among other things.

The Credit Card Knife almost works like magic, in that you can quickly transform this “credit card” into a functional knife that has numerous practical applications, both in everyday life and emergency situations. Just like a credit card, this folding knife fits in your wallet. Concealed inside, however, is a 65mm polished stainless steel blade. When folded carefully, as per the instructions, the blade locks into position with a solid, tough handle, then can be easily folded back into its original safety position. It is rugged and designed to last a lifetime.

And for everyone, there are Health Ranger Select coffees to choose from, along with shampoos, body soaps, hand soaps and food items, each 100 percent authentic and organic.

New products include the Juvent Micro Impact device – for enhancing bone and joint health – Vitamin C serum, eye serum and Jojoba oil, among others.

Give the gift of great health and preparedness this year with simple one-stop-shopping online at the Health Ranger Store – free shipping, great free gifts and greatly reduced prices during the 9 Days of Joy sale.

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