Where’s the clinical evidence on efficacy of herbs and phytomedicine?

One of the complaints we often hear about natural medicine is that “it isn’t scientifically proven.” This couldn’t be further from the truth, but it’s what many people who listen to mainstream news falsely believe, and it’s the reason why so many folks today are drowning in a sea of dangerous pharmaceuticals and false hope.

To set the record straight, Mark Blumenthal, Founder and Executive Director of the American Botanical Council (ABC), will present on the subject of botanical medicine and the science behind it at the upcoming Natural Medicine Healing & Wellness Summit, which is scheduled to take place March 14–22, 2016.

Along with dozens of other experts in the field of natural healing, Mark will offer an expanse of knowledge from this particular corner of the natural healing arts. As head of the ABC, an independent, non-profit research and education organization dedicated to procuring and promoting the latest science-based and nutrition information on herbal medicine, Mark’s insights are sure to change the way you think about healing plants and fungi.

Editor-in-chief and publisher of HerbalGram, an award-winning international and peer-reviewed quarterly journal, Mark is the definition of expert when it comes to his incredible understanding of the healing power of nature. One of his primary life goals is to increase public awareness about medicinal plants and expand the realm of science surrounding them.

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“There is growing evidence from the published clinical trial literature that many popular herbs and phytomedicines are safe and effective for a wide variety of health-related conditions — despite frequent mainstream media stories to the contrary,” he says.

“The size and design of clinical trials vary widely, but the process of pooling them into systematic reviews and meta-analyses often reveals trends towards efficacy that are routinely overlooked or ignored by medical professionals, journalists, and many others.”

One of the biggest problems the alternative health community faces today is antiquated scientific dogma that stands in opposition to emerging natural remedies. The old guard is resistant to change, and the way the system is currently set up makes it easy for these conventional gatekeepers to maintain near-absolute control over what gets regarded as science.

Science and nature aren’t in opposition to one another, and Mark is someone who recognizes this. His acute understanding of the scientific process coupled with the know-how in validating the safety and efficacy of healing herbs is sorely needed in this age of endemic scientific infighting.

Sign up today for the Natural Medicine Summit for FREE to get access to three powerful sources of health information at no cost!

“[E]vidence-based medicine … is sometimes criticized by practitioners of alternative medicine, but it can be useful to gain an overview of the currently available clinical trial literature on a specific herb,” he contends. “This presentation will discuss some of the clinically-documented positive outcomes for many herbs and phytomedicinal products that are popular as dietary supplements and teas in the United States and in many other countries.”

We’re excited to welcome Mark Blumenthal as part of the Natural Medicine Healing & Wellness Summit, and we hope you’ll take the time to sign up for this incredible event today! The information and knowledge you’ll gain about how to prevent and reverse disease, feel younger, and live to your fullest potential is truly invaluable — and the best part about the summit is that you can register for it for FREE.

If we’re serious about making real progress as a unified community in dispelling the myth that nature doesn’t qualify as medicine, then we need to bring together the best and most thorough evidence to prove it. Mark Blumenthal and the other presenters at the Natural Medicine Healing & Wellness Summit will do just that, and you have the unique opportunity to partake in this exciting journey.

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