3 Overlooked Reasons for Chronic Disease

Eating clean, avoiding toxic chemicals, and getting proper rest are great ways to stay healthy. But if you’re serious about avoiding chronic disease, there’s a whole lot more you should be doing on a daily basis to keep yourself from getting sick.

From March 14-22, Dr. Michael Murray will be hosting the 2016 Natural Medicine Healing & Wellness Summit, which will feature a number of presenters including Jonathan Landsman, host of NaturalHealth365.com. Jonathan is a household name here at NewsTarget and NaturalNews, and he’ll be presenting on three overlooked reasons for chronic disease of which many people are unaware.

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1. Clean mouth, healthy body

Believe it or not, your mouth is a breeding ground for disease. Upwards of 80% of disease symptoms, in fact, result from poor oral health, a lifetime of which can lead to unnecessary pain and suffering and even chronic and debilitating illnesses.

Oral infections like periodontitis can metastatically spread throughout the body, leading to much more serious conditions like cardiovascular disease and diabetes, as well as other systemic conditions. And once these conditions take hold, it can be very difficult to get rid of them.

Perhaps the biggest threat are subgingival biofilms that form in the mouth and act as reservoirs for gram-negative bacteria. These reservoirs act as distribution sites for disease, sending bacteria throughout the body, which isn’t a good thing!

If you suffer from poor oral health – which you may or may not even be aware of, which is why it’s important to get checked – you’ll want to do something about this immediately. Jonathan will explain more during his session at the Natural Medicine Healing & Wellness Summit, which you won’t want to miss!

2. Are you nutrient deficient?

Disease doesn’t stand a chance against your body when its biological terrain is unfit to host it. This is why it’s important to bolster that terrain with bioavailable nutrients, not the least of which includes good old vitamin C.

Vitamin C is an essential component for a host of bodily functions like collagen production, free radical scavenging, and of course disease prevention. Without it, your body is much more prone to developing conditions like coronary heart disease and stroke.

Cancer is another consequence of vitamin deficiency, which is why it’s important to make sure you’re getting enough vitamin C in your diet. Jonathan will dive into all this in further detail, explaining how vitamin C supplementation is an easy, non-toxic way to help prevent the formation of chronic illness.

But in order to obtain these benefits, you’ll need to supplement with a whole lot more vitamin C than the government recommends.

“Based on the combined evidence from metabolic, pharmacokinetic, and observational studies and from randomized controlled trials, it has been argued that sufficient scientific evidence exists to support an optimum, daily vitamin C intake of at least 200 mg/day, which is substantially higher than the current RDA,” explains the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University.

Be sure to tune into the summit for more!

3. Maybe it’s time to put that phone away

Do you spend many hours a day using your computer, mobile phone, and other electronic devices? If so, you could be increasing your risk of chronic disease. The electromagnetic output from these increasingly ubiquitous devices is a health nightmare, and Jonathan will help you develop a solid game plan for minimizing your toxic exposure.

German researchers presenting at a 2002 conference on EMFs told of “a dramatic rise in severe and chronic diseases” among their patients exposed to radiation from electronic devices. The threat is no laughing matter, as many people are suffering from heart disease, strokes, and various degenerative diseases as a result of electromagnetic pollution.

You won’t want to miss Jonathan’s presentation on this important subject, so be sure to sign up for the Natural Medicine Healing & Wellness Summit without delay. I promise you won’t regret it, and you have absolutely nothing to lose – after all, it’s your health on the line!

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