New treatment fights breast cancer with oxygen

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer among women, afflicting an estimated 231,000 a year. Roughly 40,000 women will have their lives cut short by this horrible disease. A statistic that is rarely discussed though, is how many of those 40,000 women succumb not the cancer itself, but to the harsh and debilitating side effects of cancer treatment.

Traditional therapies such as radiation or chemotherapy don’t distinguish between cancerous cells and healthy cells. They kill all of your cells. This is how the therapy “works” – but the issue with this is that it actually sets patients up to be more likely to develop cancer again. Chemo and radiation therapy don’t just destroy cells; they can potentially trigger the altering of DNA that produces cancer cells.

A new treatment methodology developed by the International Strategic Cancer Alliance (ISCA) called photodynamic immunotherapy (PDIT) may just be the answer we’ve been looking for.

PDIT utilizes photosensitizing agents to create singlet oxygen molecules. These molecules have the ability to neutralize cancer cells, while also providing a boost to the immune system to hunt and attack metastatic cells.

In trials, PDIT was able to effectively replace surgery, chemo and radiation therapy. The patients had fewer side effects, and there was a reported 73.3% survival rate in patients with Stage IV breast cancer.


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