Fight the flu with elderberries

If you’re thinking about skipping out on getting another ineffective flu shot this season, you might be keen on adding elderberry to your pantry. Studies show elderberry is a powerful flu-fighter. In fact, a number of scientific studies have been confirming what folk remedies have known for quite some time now. Elderberries, whether in tea, fruit or extract form, are excellent virus-killers. In fact, they are also often used to fight sinus infections and boost immune functions.

Elderberries are effective due to their high concentrations of phenolic compounds, anthocyanins and Vitamin C.

In 1995, a study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine found that elderberries were effective at combating influenza A and B without side effects. They were also found to be more cost-effective than other alternatives. In fact, doctors found that flu patients treated with elderberry extracts showed a reduction in flu symptoms after just two days of treatment.

Elderberries have been shown to help treat the flu in several other studies, as well. With all the data supporting elderberries’ healing properties, we could definitely say that these little berries pack a serious punch!


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