Healthy foods for healthy teeth

Everyone wants to have perfect, healthy teeth. Most people seem to think that means they need to buy expensive teeth whitening strips and toxic toothpastes.

The truth is healthy teeth start with what you eat. We often forget that teeth are in fact a body part and not just an ornamental part of their smile. Here are seven foods to keep your teeth healthy from in the inside out:

  1. Butter – The oils in grass-fed butter are rich in vitamins and minerals help to keep your enamel strong and shiny.
  2. Raisins – Rich in phytonutrients and contain a compound known to help ward off gum disease.
  3. Cod Liver Oil – Rich in omega-3s, vitamin A and vitamin D – all things necessary for healthy bones and teeth.
  4. Tea – This may not keep your teeth white, but black and green teas contain polyphenols, which help keep the bacteria in your mouth in check and prevent plaque.
  5. Coconut Oil – Rich in lauric acid and many other nutrients that promote tooth and gum health.
  6. Crunchy Fruit and Veggies – All those fibers act as little toothbrushes to clean away dental plaque build up – and the vitamins and minerals are good for you too.
  7. Nutrient-Rich Foods – Foods high in calcium and phosphorus promote healthy bone and tooth density.


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