Woman with MS is now a healthy triathlete after embracing holistic medicine

Friday, July 29, 2016 by

When faced with a difficult diagnosis, where do you turn? It’s clear that western medicine and their white-coated sepulchers posing as physicians have one thing in mind; pharmaceutical pills and big pharma protocols. But one woman, who was told she had an autoimmune disease called multiple sclerosis, decided on a different route. Her story is a powerful tale in using alternative treatments, as Natural News reports.

“In 2008, Aurora [Colello] suddenly went blind in her right eye after experiencing some pain for days. A doctor told her that she had optic neuritis, inflammation of the optic nerve. He ordered an MRI, which showed that she had 10 lesions in her brain, the largest affecting her optic nerve. She had multiple sclerosis. She was told that she’d never recover her sight in that eye and would wind up in a wheelchair within five years. As a 35-year-old mother of four children aged one through seven, she panicked and went into deep despair thinking her life was over.”

Aurora searched the internet endlessly, got involved in MS forums and was very disheartened. It seemed that everyone was on pharmaceuticals. She decided to avoid them completely. Aurora kept reaching out, and she, her husband and family kept praying.

She was led to the Center for Advanced Medicine in Encinitas, CA. After neck massages with a naturopathic doctor and the discovery of her serious bodily lack of minerals and vitamins, which was addressed though supplements and organic foods, her vision not only came back, it was improved.

Now, as Natural News reports, “she participates in all three marathon events that comprise grueling triathlons: long-distance runs, ocean swims and cross-country bicycling.”

Aurora is a testimony to the power of alternative medicine.





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